Mentor. Guide. Encourage. Validate. Empower.


Heather (Tennant) Weber


Registered Physiotherapist

Heather is an experienced and seasoned registered physiotherapist and health care leader/mentor. She believes that the client/patient and their loved ones are at the centre of the healing team. She believes that it is of utmost importance to listen to the needs of the healing person and to have a solid understanding of their goals and values as a foundation to a comprehensive treatment plan. Heather adds the invaluable – her owned lived experience of living through significant health concerns and facing less than adequate health care practitioners and what it is like to feel truly validated, understood and pointed in the best healing directions.

Heather works with and refers to a wide range of other health facilitators including (but not limited to): occupational therapy, other physiotherapists with specific skill sets, personal trainers, psychologists and psychotherapists, massage therapists, their family physician/specialist, and others. This allows only the absolute amount of care required to facilitate your recovery and keep treatment affordable.

As a result of experiencing a myriad of injuries and health challenges herself, Heather meets you with empathy and a deeper knowledge of what it means to face barriers to best health.

Heather looks forward to meeting you virtually to discuss your health care needs!

Physiotherapy Services

Mentor. Guide. Encourage. Validate. Empower.

Heather coaches, empowers and mentors each individual patient in a unique way through a variety of treatment techniques including:

  1. Detailed physiotherapy assessment and recommendations to meet your goals; in-person and/or virtual provision
  2. Physiotherapy intervention – activity prescription, education regarding the nature of your challenges and options to address in day-to-day life, brace/walking aid suggestions, referral to the best hands-on therapist for your needs in your local area and more.
  3. Health coaching including nutrition mgmt (may not be covered under physiotherapy scope of practice – billed separately with HST added)
  4. Mentoring – new grads, health care practitioners needing career direction, internationally trained PTs, clinic owners at any stage of growth from startup to succession
  5. Leadership – Clinical leadership for a short or medium term in ownership transition and when a company is still recruiting but needs leadership
  6. Health triage – do you or your family need help navigating the healthcare system and making decisions and choices? We can book a consult virtually to discuss (billed hourly, some may be covered under physiotherapy)

Heather also consults with healthcare companies, physiotherapists, and clinic owners to share her years of experience and mentor when requested.

Frequently Asked Questions



How is physiotherapy regulated?
Is physiotherapy covered by OHIP? By my extended benefit plan?

There are certain designated OHIP clinics that cover physiotherapy for patients under 18 or over 65, and in some cases after surgery. Heather is a registered physiotherapist and invoices with her registration number can be submitted to extended benefits for reimbursement. At this time Heather will not be direct billing to WSIB or auto insurance.

What is Virtual Practice?

Virtual practice is the provision of physiotherapy services at a distance, by an information or communication technology such as video conferencing, when an in-person visit is not possible.

A patient can expect the same safe, effective, and ethical care as an in-person visit and the physiotherapist must comply with all regulatory requirements.

Virtual practice may be appropriate if the patient cannot easily access an in-person visit due to a shortage of physiotherapy services available in the region where the patient lives or because of transportation or mobility concerns. Physiotherapists should use their professional judgment to determine if this model of care is the most appropriate available method to deliver physiotherapy care and that the patient is not exposed to any increased risk. Patients and physiotherapists alike need to recognize any limitations that virtual practice services present including privacy of personal health information, safety of the patient within the context of their home or work environment and the inability to perform a hands-on assessment and subsequent treatment.

Happy Customers

"Incredibly Knowledgeable"

Heather is incredibly knowledgeable and personable. She assesses your body and address your concerns to create the best personalized treatment plan. Heathers care was indispensable to me as a competitive track athlete.

"Would Recommend In A Heart Beat"

I came to Heather from a recommendation due to the seriousness of my shoulder rehabilitation. I worked with Heather for approx 8 months and she brought my shoulder up to a point where I could take personal training to strengthen and gain more flexibility. Thanks to her I have a lot of motion and I am doing all of the sports I was involved in prior to my ski accident. I would recommend Heather and her clinic in a heart beat

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